Trouble for the Ducks: What will Happen with Harris?

So most Duck fans out there have heard the news about Cliff Harris being cited for doing 118 in a 65mph zone on a suspended license and we can all agree it isn’t something we want to hear.  Kelly has released a statement as of today;

“We are obviously very disappointed in the lack of judgment exercised by Cliff and feel it’s unacceptable. I’ve said from the beginning that it should be a privilege to play football at the University of Oregon. With that said, individuals must bear the responsibilities for their own behavior. Once we have finished collecting all the information, in this situation, we will determine the appropriate action.”


We are all anxious to hear how Kelly will handle this situation.  It would be a major blow for Oregon if he wasn’t on the field he’s definitely one of their threats.  It is extremely disappointing news as a fan and it comes at the tail-end of spring ball as everyone was talking about how mature Harris was becoming.  Should Harris be suspended?  I don’t know.  Do I want to see him suspended?  No.  It’s such a double-standard really.  As a fan, when I see the competition getting into similar trouble I expect to see a suspension but when it happens to Oregon my fingers are secretly crossed that he’ll still play.  I’m fully aware that this line of thinking perpetuates a negative aspect of college football but so many of us do it.  We want to see our team win so sometimes, as fans, we tend to look the other way when it comes to our side.

So I started perusing the web for what people are saying and of course the standard mudslinging has begun from LSU.  There is a lot of “holier than thou” talk happening.  Argument over single words like, arrest vs. citation has emerged.  Picking apart past instances, calling Oregon “a bunch of thugs,” and guessing he won’t be paying any part of the ticket personally is the general theme.  It’s to be expected and we’d probably do it if the tables were turned.  The truth is it sucks for the program, it sucks for Harris personally, and it sucks for college football.  Earlier this year came out with an article on college football and crime.  Guess what – Oregon is not alone.  This is a theme and it’s not a good one.


While I can admit that I don’t want to see Harris suspended because he’ll be a huge threat against LSU, if I step back and think about it outside of being a fan, college football needs to set a higher standard.  If the standard is set then everyone will eventually adjust their behavior.  I’d like to think that Oregon could still win despite losing any one single player – we need to be able to because it can happen at any moment with an injury.  So we’ll wait and see what happens with Harris.

Voice your opinion!  What do you think should happen?

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  • samuraiduck

    Hopefully, this gets handled by Kelly in fall camp. I don’t care how fast he was going, the officer determined he wasn’t driving recklessly. Its not a felony, its not a misdemeanor, its a freakin’ traffic citation, people.

  • http://autzenzoo.complants john ingamells

    Reaction from SEC zealots is no more than expected. They can’t see the forest for the trees. There is an article on about Duck fans “throwing cups of urine and feces on Washington fans” in 2009. I hope the guilty fans were banned from all future sporting events. This is totally unexceptable behavior. I do not want to see the Duck football program fall to the level of OSU, Auburn etal. Kids will make errors and should suffer the consequences befitting the crime. I want to have pride in our players and programs. If losing some games and not being #1 is the cost then so be it.

    • thepar

      Didnt happen in 2009,at Autzen the game was in DAWGGY TOWN,if you would re read it it was talking about 1999.Since it is coming from DAWG fans I dont think it really happened,cant belive a thing a PUPPY FAN SAYS!”O”

  • NitrODuck

    Kristi, good article and very honest. I have to agree with Samuraiduck though and put this in a not-so-severe category. He was never arrested and got a ticket. Period. I don’t think any suspension is needed. I would handle it internally with conditions. The next screw up by him, no matter the severity, would bring on suspension.

  • http://autzenzoo.complants john ingamells

    @thepar: I stand corrected
    and @nitroduck: i agree with both comments. Just want the Ducks at their best all the way around.

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