Indianapolis Colts interested in Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly is arguably the best college football coach and one of the most innovative minds in the sport of football, so it comes as no surprise that the Indianapolis Colts are interested in hiring the Oregon Ducks head coach. The Colts just fired Jim Caldwell after what seems like a delayed reaction from Jim Irsay, and the Colts list of candidates includes Kelly and a host of NFL coordinators.

Although he probably won’t have the same success as Jim Harbaugh has in his first year, Chip has the intelligence and overall ability to succeed as a head coach in the NFL. Former Colts coach Tony Dungy is one of Kelly’s many supporters, and he also stated that Kelly is at the top of his list.

One only needs to take a glance at what Kelly has done schematically for the Oregon Ducks to see his Football IQ. The spread offense juggernaut he has created is unstoppable, and his defense is a rotation of many key players who play their respective roles as a fluid unit- Eddie Pleasant and Dion Jordan are the only true stars on this defense.

Recently, the Football Outsiders released their red zone efficiency statistics for the 2011 college football season. The Ducks offense had the second best efficiency in the nation, and they are consistently among the top teams in red zone efficiency each year. That has a lot to do with Chip Kelly and the scheme he has put in place.

It goes beyond schemes, because the ability to motivate players and effectively talk to the press is one key difference that separates coordinators or college coaches from NFL coaches. His Chipisms are second to none, and it is obvious that he will have no trouble getting the best out of his players in the pro ranks.

Chip Kelly is ready to be an NFL head coach, but the question becomes, “Does he want the job?” Being a head coach in the NFL is great, but Chip might just want to stay in college and keep coaching Oregon. The Colts might not be the ideal landing spot in Chip’s eyes, but all of that is unknown at this point; there are no psychics to read his mind.

In the end, Chip will most likely end up coaching somewhere in the NFL; maybe even as the head coach for the Colts. He has a great reputation among NFL circles and is highly regarded by famous personas such as Dungy, Tom Coughlin, and Jon Gruden. He has the same characters traits- motivator, player’s coach, yet also tough and no-nonsense- that nearly every successful coach in the NFL has. Ducks fans will pray that he stays to keep demolishing foes in the Autzen Zoo, but this is a huge opportunity for him and one that he should take.

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