Oct. 18, 2012; Tempe, AZ, USA; Oregon Ducks quarterback (8) Marcus Mariota runs for a first half touchdown against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Sun Devil Stadium. Oregon defeated Arizona State 43-21. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

BCS Rankings Reaction: Oregon Falls Again for No Reason

The latest poll is out for the BCS and despite the Coaches Poll and Harris Poll both having Oregon in second place, the computers are not nearly as impressed.

Oregon checks in at fourth place, getting leapfrogged by Kansas State after their 55-14 blowout over then 13th-ranked West Virginia. Alabama and Florida still are ranked first and second.

For Oregon players, coaches, and fans, the anger is certainly justified. The Mountaineers got smoked on the road by Texas Tech eight days ago. Their defense, ranked 117th nationally and is actually a step below Colorado, is the reason why this team was overrated all along. They weren’t deserving of a top five ranking and to be honest, didn’t deserve to be ranked when playing Kansas State.

Still, that win looks impressive in the computer’s eyes because they can’t see what’s actually happening. So Oregon drops a spot.

To them, they didn’t see Oregon play their first true road game. Many people were skeptical on the team and they said, “Let’s see how Oregon handles adversity.” Well, they answered by ending the game barely after the second quarter started. Check and mate.

Then the excuses continued to fly after that. Instead it was just Arizona State being exposed. Now with the Ducks getting ready to play one of the worst teams in the nation, Colorado, they will further slide on the computer’s radar and if Notre Dame grabs a win over Oklahoma in Norman, they’ll probably leap over Oregon.

Folks, Oregon is doing all they can to show people that they are very good team, deserving of a national championship. There’s a difference between what is being shown on the field and what the boxscore says at the end of it. Chip Kelly isn’t going to drop 100 points on anybody even though he could have against Arkansas State, Tennessee Tech, Washington, and Arizona State. The defense shut down a high-powered Arizona offense. Oregon and Kansas State were set to play this year, but conference realignments and schedule changes messed that up.

If the human polls and computer polls still remain this different about it, then this system obviously doesn’t work. Oregon will have to hope USC and Oregon State continue to win just to get a springboard to hopefully get back to a national championship position.

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  • OS_Beaver

    Don’t turn it off at halftime if you are tired of this. Kansas St. is going up because they beat WVU 55-14 on the road. Oregon could have scored 70 against Arizona St. but instead didn’t score a 2nd half point. Quit hitting the off switch and show the nation you are a definite #2 or #1. The other suggestion is to play someone decent during nonconference.

    • http://twitter.com/Spaeniard Brian Spaen

      So Chip Kelly calling off his squad after 20 minutes because he doesn’t want to risk injury when the game is decided is devaluing his team because they didn’t score in the second half? That makes no sense at all. Computers can’t figure this out, we can. And for the record, Oregon was going to play Kansas State. Conference realignment is to blame for that one.

  • myducktat1971

    Beaver moron, it’s one thing to play 3 quarters and put in back ups when you finally get to 35 or 42 points but Oregon is damn near 50 halfway through the second quarter. Chip keeps the throttle down and its nothing but bitching from people like you. As for playing a decent non league game, ask K State why they backed out. Dont try playing the weak scheduling card when we didnt have any control over the change. One more thing, thank you Beavers for kicking some ass this year. This way when we drop 50 on your asses in 22 minutes, the computers will finally catch up to the rankings. How you going to feel when the Beavers are the reason Oregon is in the NC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.lyon.5661 Dan Lyon

    Until 2003 margin of victory was a key component in the decision of the computer rankings to determine the BCS standings. After the computers propelled high scoring Nebraska over Colorado, the team they lost the BIG-10 conference championship game to, and second ranked Oregon the margin of victory was removed from the computer formula. This year the removal of margin of victory from the computer formula might cost Oregon a chance to play for the BCS title.

  • Chaz Lesniewicz

    Here comes the Trojans….They will be up for this one. I smell upset.