Nov 17, 2012; Eugene, OR, USA; Oregon Ducks tight end Colt Lyerla (15) runs the ball as Stanford Cardinal cornerback Alex Carter (25) defends at Autzen Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE

Are the Oregon Ducks Still BCS National Championship Contenders?

The BCS standings are released and Oregon sits at fifth place. Considering who’s ahead of them, do you still believe the Ducks can get themselves into the national championship game again? Why?

Brian: Absolutely, but they obviously have no control over their destiny anymore. Assuming Alabama and Georgia get into the SEC championship game without a loss, that winner will be in it. Notre Dame must lose to USC. Even though many people, including myself, believe the Ducks are the best one-loss team in the nation, they will likely have to hope Florida State defeats Florida since the Gators lost their lone game against Georgia earlier this season.

Mike: Oregon needs a good amount of help which is known; they need Auburn or Georgia Tech to pull off shockers. In addition UCLA knocking off Stanford this weekend is a must. Getting wins over Oregon State and UCLA in the title game might be helpful but they need help from the computers and teams in front of them the next two weeks. But as we’ve seen anything is possible in college football.

Ricky: The only way the Ducks will play for the national championship is if Notre Dam loses to USC next week and if Georgia can beat Bama in the SEC title game. Honestly, this looks like it might not happen, but stranger things have happened. The Bulldogs can beat the Crimson Tide, but I don’t know if USC can beat the Irish without Matt Barkley.

Raymond: I don’t believe they have much of a chance as Notre Dame will be playing USC without Matt Barkley so that should be a win.  The number two team will be the winner of the SEC Championship game between Alabama and Georgia.

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  • Matt PDX

    Matt from PDX – Come on Autzen Zoo…apart from Brian, these comments are just plain stupid.

    Brian – he is pretty much spot on. Oregon must win (of course), ND must lose, and Florida must lose. Georgia/GT and Bama/Auburn almost assuredly won’t matter as Georgia and Bama are going to win this week. The only question is will UO need the style points of having Stanford lose and then winning the Pac-12 championship. Brad Edwards of ESPN (look it up on YouTube – search BCS Brad Edwards Scenarios) thinks Stanford-UCLA result does NOT matter. I’m not sure, but inclined to agree (although I may be biased).

    Mike – just plain wrong. Ducks do NOT need GT or Auburn to pull off shockers. Do you really follow college football? Assuming they both win, and then play in the SEC championship, the loser will fall below the Ducks. UCLA a must win, not necessarily, thus not the ‘must’.

    Ricky – wrong again. Yes ND must lose, but if Georgia beats Bama (and Florida wins) Florida will play Georgia. If Alabama wins (and Florida wins), Bama will play Florida. Oregon will trump either loser. Count on it. Georgia beating Bama is not part of the puzzle. You completely missed the Florida – Florida State implications.

    Raymond – you’re correct in your statement – but you completely ‘ducked’ the question, can the Ducks make it. If you are so sure that ND beats USC, and no hope exists, then are you really a Duck fan?