Will Kelly still go to the NFL if they call for him again despite not getting a national championship with Oregon? (Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE)

Oregon Ducks Football: Should Chip Kelly Coach in NFL?

Throughout the leadup to the bowl game and the offseason, Chip Kelly will likely be the biggest news story for the Oregon Ducks. Many NFL teams will reach out to him as vacancies open up down the stretch of the pro season.

So what do you think, should Kelly stay longer or is it time for him to move into the NFL?

Raymond: If Kelly has aspirations to become an NFL coach then, yes, he should leave. You have to go to the NFL while your stock is up and right now he is a hot candidate.

Brian: Kelly should go. Just like his offensive scheme, I don’t believe he’s ready to slow his roll and settle down for a long time job yet. I fully believe Oregon was the next step for a head coaching role in the NFL. His offense working in the NFL is different subject; if that’s where Kelly wants to be, and I think it is, he should take it.

Mike: I think this will be the biggest story from now until the bowl game then immediately after. It’s easy to think it won’t be a distraction but these are kids in a social media age. Biased of course, but I remain skeptical that Kelly’s breakneck offense can work in the NFL. Plus he’s at the right place where money and facilities aren’t an issue plus I’d hope he want to chase a national title.

Ricky: Kelly should stay. The only NFL team right now I see going after him is the Browns and that is not a good job to take. Chip needs to stay because the team’s that need coaches are not good NFL teams. Chip has something going on in Oregon and should ride out his hot streak. He needs to work on going to the “natty” and winning it. The Ducks are very close to that.

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