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Athlon Sports Ranks Top College Football Uniforms, Oregon Ducks at #19

Athlon Sports recently put together a Top 25 list of the Best Uniforms in College Football. It doesn’t seem like they were much into the splashy colors or cool combinations of certain programs, but the classic uniform of blue and white was at the top of the list. Penn State’s no touched up, simple yet classic look took the top spot. The Ducks were not even contenders on the list coming in at 19 – the number being closer to the number of uniform combinations that actually mattering in this list.

Here is what they say about the Ducks Uniforms:

It’s impossible to rank Oregon. Here is a shot of their 2011 wardrobe produced by Some are awesome and extremely stylish: ones worn vs. Missouri State, Arizona, Colorado, Stanford and Wisconsin. Some are too much and way over the top: LSU, Nevada, Arizona State, USC and Washington State. And some aren’t bad or good: Washington, Cal, Oregon State or UCLA. When they are good, few teams look as smooth and edgy as the Ducks. But when NIKE misses, it misses big.

Pac 12 Teams that are mentioned include Colorado(22), Washington(17), USC(8), and UCLA(6).  I’m somewhat miffed that the Oregon Ducks did not make it higher on the list, since their unis are better week to week than a good part of the Pac 12. (my opinion of course)

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Jason Curtis

    I guess the old dudes at Athlon don’t take into consideration the numerous times we’ve been ranked #1 by current college and HS football players. Or, the articles stating that many 17/18 year old kids do consider ‘how will I look in that uniform’ when evaluating schools.
    The LSU uni’s were over the top? Flat black with the glowing splash of neon??? Those are some of my faves. Let the haters hate.

  • mark

    any uniform ranking that puts penn state’s drab, dreadful excuse for
    uniforms on top should be discarded out of hand. they remind me of my
    high school junior varsity practice uniforms.