December 2, 2011; Eugene, OR, USA; Detail view of the endzone pylon with the Pac-12 logo during the third quarter of the Pac-12 Championship game between the UCLA Bruins and the Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium. The Ducks defeated the Bruins 49-31. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

NCAA Football Rules Committee Looks to Slow Down Up-Tempo Offenses In Favor of Player Safety

The NCAA Football Rules Committee announced two possible rule changes in a meeting on Wednesday. The first is an absolute impossibility. The rule would allow a 10 second Defensive substitution period before every play. For teams that run an up tempo offense, like Oregon this rule would be detramental. However, word around College Football after the announcement tell of how it has a snowballs chance of becoming an actual rule.

It’s ridiculous. And what’s most ridiculous is did you see what penalty is going to be called? Delay of game!


Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez on the possible Defensive Substitution rule

One of the reasons for the rule is because ‘research’ suggests in its current state it could lead to increased player injuries. This I don’t believe at all. On Wednesday afternoon Twitter was all a flutter with opinions on the subject.

The other rule is more important and makes sense when it comes to players being safe. The Rules Committee is looking to tweak the targeting rule when it comes to replay situations. As it currently stands there is a 15 yard penalty and player ejection. If it is overturned in replay the 15 yard penalty remains. The ‘adjustment’ would take away the penalty.

Of course the bigger issue here is the first. The NCAA over the last few years has been built on high powered fast scoring offenses. I don’t know why a Committee would even consider a rule to slow that down and call it over ‘player safety.’ Although it looks like I’m not the only one who feels that way.


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  • speedexplosion

    I specialize in sports injury prevention and treatment. Injury is defined as load placed on body part exceeding the load bearing capacity of that body part. The biggest issue of player safety is not the finesse style of run away from you Oregon football but the gigantic too heavy too fast SEC Defenders. If we are worried about player safety we need to limit the body weight and speed of players and thus reduce the impact they have upon collision. This whole thing is political and losing football games fear based under the guise of player safety. The SEC talks about playing football the Right Way. Like there is only one right way to play football, there way. Afraid they might lose to the up tempo style of play. If this rule change goes forward I am through with the sham of college football. I hate politics because of politics and now it has infected my dream escape.
    Bull shit.

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