Former Oregon Ducks Center Waverly Austin Considering Options Overseas

Two former Oregon Ducks Basketball Players had the chance to make it in the NBA and Former Oregon Forward Mike Moser will play in the NBA Summer League for the Boston Celtics. Another former player, Waverly Austin did not get a sniff from the NBA before the draft, but did receive some good news from home according to the Oregonian. Home being his home country of Germany. You see, Austin has dual citizenship between the US and Germany and with his passport which arrived was likely the ticket to a professional career, albeit not in the United States.

Another former Oregon Ducks player has proven it can be done and has thrived in Germany.  Bryce Harper plays for Bayern Munich and recently won the Bundesliga Championship with his club team. Of course, in order to eventually make it to the NBA, if that is your dream you have to work hard and stay in shape, which Austin also has in his favor according to the article. Since leaving the Oregon Ducks he has dropped twenty pounds, which can only help his case to land a roster spot.

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