Duck Fans Around the World


Today I wanted to give a shout-out to all the Duck fans out there that don’t get to watch the big games with fellow duck fanatics in Oregon.  There are plenty of Oregon Duck fans out there, isolated around the world.  If they are a true sport fanatic like I claim to be then they take their passion with them.  When I moved to Belize in Central America I knew that I had to conform a bit to a new culture, but I didn’t want to completely give in.  So when my mom and I set up our sports bar the theme couldn’t be anything but Oregon Ducks.  Since 1999 I have gone to 99% of the Oregon Duck football games but in 2008 I moved to Belize and only got to watch my beloved Ducks when they were nationally televised.  I did my best to convert avid soccer fans to college football fans, and more specifically, Duck fans.  I must admit that I have done my fair share of bribing – free shots when the Ducks score certainly helps my cause.  Nonetheless we have created an atmosphere during huge Duck games that a full sports bar is cheering for the Mighty Ducks in Central America.  I am moving back to Oregon at the end of this week and will certainly be closer to the Ducks, but the only Duck sports bar in Belize will continue to operate.  You can be sure that if there is a nationally televised game on, there will be fans screaming for the Ducks in Corozal, Belize.

So if you ever happen to find yourself in Belize Duck fans, know you are not alone.  We are out there, scattered everywhere.  We can be found in some of the most unlikely of places.  Let us know where you are around the world Duck fans!!  GO DUCKS!!!