Oregon Ducks Featured in EA Sports Demo: Should this be an exception to the rule?


News came out recently that the Oregon Ducks are one of four teams featured in the EA Sports’ NCAA Football 12 game demo, which was released today. This is so cool for the Ducks, for their national image, for the fans and for the University. Normally my stance on paying college athletes is not to go beyond the scholarships they are granted, but this is where my opinion changes dramatically. I really believe that the athletes should be paid for their likeness in these games when a third party is making a lot of money. Maybe the money won’t go directly to the athletes while they are in school, but it should be paid to them once they are no longer deemed a college athlete. We all know their names aren’t on the jersey’s, but come on…we all know who the players are. We even get a little help identifying players in the article below. In my opinion this is not fair. Just because these kids can’t be paid as college athletes by their respective athletic programs doesn’t mean they should have to totally give up the rights of their own image outside of their schools. Voice your opinion…what do you think?

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