Pac-12 College Football Play Updates


There is no Oregon football this weekend, but while the Ducks rest up for their battle against Cal on Thursday there is still plenty of Pac-12 play.  Let’s take a look at what’s been going on so far today…

After losing their last three games to top-ranked teams including last Saturday against Oregon, the Arizona Wildcats are facing the USC Trojans today.  The Trojans are up so far 34 – 12 in the beginning of the 3rd quarter.  They quickly struck after half and it looks like it will be another long Saturday for the Wildcats, but Foles never quits and the Wildcats are within striking distance with a first down in the red zone.  Up next (Oct. 8th) Arizona will take on the Beavs and may have a much better chance at a W.  The good news for the Wildcats is that the most difficult part of their schedule will be under their belts after today’s game.  The Trojans will get a week of recovery as they go into a bye weekend after today’s game.

Washington State and Colorado are also playing this afternoon in the Pac-12.  This is a much closer game with the Buffs up 20 – 17 in the 3rd quarter.  The Cougs are coming into today’s game after a bye weekend and a loss to San Diego State the prior weekend.  They are itching for a win for their Pac-12 opener and seem to be moving down the field fairly easily starting the 2nd half.  The Buffs suffered a loss last week to Ohio State and an overall shaky start to their season.  Their Pac-12 opener against Cal was a disappointing loss in overtime so they would love to make a statement to the Pac-12 this afternoon.  The Buffs need to get their win this weekend because next up will be a very tough road game against the Cardinals.  Washington State will take on the Bruins next weekend.

Tonight Washington will take on Utah at 7:00pm EST, Oregon State will take on Arizona State at 10:30pm EST and UCLA will take on Stanford at 10:30pm EST.  We’ll update you on the outcome of those games later tonight.