Post Game Duck Links: The Ducks Roll Cal in the 2nd Half, LaMichael James Injury


Well, it was a somber 43 – 15 victory for the Ducks last night.  Thanks again to everyone who joined the live chat last night between AutzenZoo and GoldenBearLair; we will have continue with live blogging for every Duck game here at AutzenZoo. We’ll do a recap of the entire game here at AutzenZoo, but in the meantime I want to check in on news of James’ injury (dislocated right elbow) and some post-game chatter.  The good news here is that the Ducks can certainly still win games.  The program has grown beyond a one-injury-and-done situation, but we absolutely want to see LaMichael James on the field.

Over at KEZI9 Sports we get a highlight video from last night’s game and some post-game remarks from James…

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At the Sports Tribune, Jason Vondersmith takes us through some of the details of James’ injury and reaction from the team…

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Over at the Oregonian, Ken Goe talks about how the Ducks can recover without James on the field…

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The Ducks will go up against Arizona State next Saturday.