Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffs | Fourth Quarter Recap

  • Oregon gets the ball back and Dustin Haines comes in for Bennett.  Oregon third and seven.  Oregon (Forde) does not get the first down.  Rice will punt.
  • Creer catches the pass from Hirschman and gets hit by Wallace.  Third and 10 for the Buffs.  Hirschman hurls the pass to Gray and it’s caught on the dive for a 28 yard gain.  Another deep pass by Hirschman but it’s bobbled by Clemons and incomplete.  Third and 11 for Colorado, Hirschman’s pass incomplete to Gray and that brings up a fourth down.  The Buffs will punt.
  • Oregon gets a few yards here and there, but can’t convert the third down.  They punt to Colorado.
  • The Buffs start their drive with a 5-yard false start penalty.  Scales stays down after getting flipped over; walks off the field on his own with a limp.  Colorado does not convert and punt to Oregon on 4th down.
  • Carson rushes up the field for a first down.  Forde runs to the outside and gets very close to another first down, but on his second carry it’s not enough so Oregon will punt away to Colorado.
  • Colorado goes three-and-out.  They punt and Oregon will get the ball back with 3:14 left in the game.
  • Haines keeps the ball on 3rd and one and gets the 1st down.  Oregon takes a knee and that will be the end of the game.  Oregon 45 – 2.