Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffs | Second Quarter Recap

  • Colorado gets another first down with a rush from Tony Jones.  Another complete pass by Hansen to Clemons and a Buffs first down.  Tony Jones tries to run up the middle but gets stopped short of the first down.  Hanson passes on third down but it gets batted down by Oregon.  Colorado punts.
  • Bennett hurls the ball out to DeAnthony Thomas, no catch but pass interference penalty on Colorado.  Oregon first down. Colorado stops Barner short of going anywhere.  Bennett rushes for nine yards and an Oregon first down.  Bennett launces the football on second down, but overthrows it.  3rd and 9 Bennett has to throw it away.  Colorado stops Oregon this time around.  Rice will punt for the first time this afternoon.
  • Rice’s punt puts Colorado at their 10 yard line.  3rd and six, Hansen throws and hits Canty.  First down Buffs.  Oregon interception (Clay).  Pick six, Oregon’s defense scores.  PAT no good.  Oregon up 35 – 0.
  • Hansen rushes for nine yards, 2nd and one.  Colorado first down (Jones).  Jones finds room up the middle and gets the first down.  Hansen slowly moving their offense up the field.  They go for it on 4th and nine, but get charged with a false start penalty.  The Buffs punt the football away.
  • Bennett gets a pass off to Paulson ruled complete for 17 yards.  The Buffs challenge the call.  The ruling on the field stands.  Oregon first down.  Bennett scrambles for another Oregon first down.  Ducks go for it on 4th and one, but Bennett’s pass incomplete.  Colorado takes over.
  • Oregon (Kaddu) gets called for a face-mask penalty.  Colorado second-string quarterback Hirschman can’t convert the third down and the Buffs will go for it.  The can’t get the first down and the first half is over.