Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffs | Third Quarter Recap

  • Start of the third Alejandro Maldonado kickoff for 68 yards returned by D.D. Goodson for 22 yards, fumbled at the Colo 27.  The Buffs recover.  Third and long and can’t convert.  4th down for the Buffs and they punt.
  • Bennett to Tuinei for a TD, but the TD is being reviewed.  Looks like he is down just short of the goal line.  Ruling changes and the ball is placed on the one-yard line.  The Buffs stop Carson from getting into the end zone.  Second down Carson easily gets into the end zone for a TD.  PAT good, Oregon 42 – 0.
  • Pass interference on Oregon.  First down Colorado.  Hirschman incomplete pass to McCulloch.  3rd and one for the Buffs and they get the first down.  Colorado can’t do anything with it and punt away.
  • Cliff Harris returns the ball for 27 yards.  Carson goes straight up the middle for a first down.  Freshman Forde carries the ball for 14 yards and a first down.  Oregon settles for a field goal Maldonado kicks it and it’s good.  Oregon 45 – 0.
  • Hirschman gets a pass off to Gray for 23 yards and a Colorado first down.  Pass complete to Deehan for another first down.  Oregon blitzes and they get to Hirschman.  The Buffs look at a 4th and 14 and punt away.  Harris carries the ball into the end zone and gets tackled; Colorado gets a safety and their first points on the board.  Oregon 45 – 2
  • Oregon lost their chance for a shut-out and the Buffs get the ball back.  Colorado 4th and two.