Oregon Ducks vs. Washington Huskies | 2nd Quarter Recap

  • Third and one for the Huskies and Polk rushes for two yards and a Washington first down.  Price attempts the pass and PI called on Pleasant for an automatic first down.   Price’s pass complete to Kearse for one yard.  Five yard false start penalty on Washington accepted.  Polk rushes for two yards to the Oregon 43.  Price’s pass intercepted by Pleasant and rushes inside the 35.
  • James rushes to the 11 yard line.  Thomas holds onto the ball and gets to the three yard line.  Thomas’ pass to Paulson is complete for an Oregon TD.  PAT good.  Oregon 17 – 3
  • Off side call on Oregon and holding on the Huskies called – they offset and there will be a re-kick.  Kick returned by Smith for 18 yards to the Washington 31.  Price pass complete to Smith for 14 yards and a Husky first down.  Polk rushes for three to the 39 yard line.  Price’s pass incomplete intended for Williams.  Fourth and 16 for Washington and they punt.  The ball rolls to the 12 yard line.
  • Personal Foul called on Oregon.  Thomas is sacked on second down; third and six for Oregon.  Thomas throws the ball under pressure into the Husky sideline.  Oregon will punt.
  • Huskies call a fair catch at the Oregon 49 yard line.  Polk rushes for about four yards.  Polk rushes again up the middle for six and a Husky first down.  Second and four; Polk rushes again for six yards to the Oregon 33.  Third and one; Price’s pass complete to Tucker for a UW first down.  Price looks to throw, but pressure comes from the Oregon front four and loses two yards.  Polk rushes for eight yards and brings up a third and four.  Price’s pass complete to Callier and a Husky first down.  Polk rushes for two yards and move to the Oregon 12 yard line.  Price gets the pass off to Kearse to the Oregon four yard line.  First and goal for the Huskies.  Price rolls out to the left side and goes down at the half yard line.  Second and goal; Price’s throw to Hartvigson is complete for a TD.  PAT good.  Oregon 17 – 10.
  • Oregon will start at the 32 yard line with 21 seconds to go.  Thomas’ pass to Paulson is complete to the Washington 42 yard line with 12 seconds to go.  Thomas to Hawkins is dropped.  Second and 10 for Oregon.  Thomas to Hawkins complete for 13 yards.  Oregon attempts the field goal with one second left.  Maldonado kicks the 45 yard field goal and it falls short.  Oregon leads at half 17 – 10.

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