Oregon Ducks vs. Washington Huskies | 3rd Quarter Recap

  • Oregon starts the half with the ball.  James rushes through a hole to the 31 yard line.  Thomas to Tuinei good and another Oregon first down.  James rushes for 15 more to the Washington 40 yard line and an Oregon first down.  Thomas to Huff complete for 10 more.  Third and six for Oregon Thomas hands the ball off to Barner and he gets the first down.  Thomas overthrows Huff in the end zone.  Second and 10 for Oregon; James rushes for six.  Third and four for Oregon and Barner rushes inside the five as the pile pushes up the field.  First and goal; Barner is stopped at the two yard line.  Barner again and gets through to the end zone.  TD Oregon.  PAT good.  Oregon 24 – 10.
  • Kevin Smith returns the kickoff for 18 yards to the Washington 25.  Price’s pass incomplete to Seferian-Jenkins.  Polk rushes for 14 yards for a Husky first down.  Price gets a short pass off to Polk for seven yards.  Price hands off to Polk for a loss of one yard.  Price passes to Polk for six yards and a first down.  Price’s pass incomplete to Aguilar.  Second and 10; the ball is handed off to Sankey and he breaks through a hold for a 24 yard rush and a Husky first down.  Price to Aguilar is good for another UW first down.  Washington is at the Oregon 10 yard line.  Price in shotgun and throws to Williams, he gets his right foot down and gets the TD.  The touchdown is reviewed and confirmed.  PAT good.  Oregon 24 – 17.
  • Huff returns Washington’s kick for 24 yards to the Oregon 30.  James rushes for three yards.  Washington brings down Barner for a loss of two and brings up a third and nine for the Ducks.  Thomas to Paulson for the Oregon first down.  Thomas to Huff completed and gets the Ducks inside the 20.  James rushes for seven to the Washington nine yard line.  DAT rushes for nine for an Oregon TD.  PAT good.  Oregon 31 – 17.
  • Kevin Smith returns the kick for 15 yards to the Washington 32.  Price to Aguilar is completed for 14 yards and a UW first down.  Polk rushes for five yards.  Price’s pass to Aguilar incomplete and that brings up a Husky third and five.  Price can’t get a pass off and rushes up the middle.  He’s brought down short of the first down.  Fourth and four and UW goes for it.  Price gets the pitch off to Polk and Oregon takes down Polk short of the first down.  Oregon will take over.
  • Oregon gets the ball on the Washington 48.  Thomas’ pass complete to James for six yards.  James rushes for seven yards and an Oregon first down.  Thomas pass dropped by Hawkins.  Barner rushes for eight yards to the Washington 27.  Barner rushes for seven more for an Oregon first down.  Thomas’ pass incomplete.  Barner rushes for two and brings up a third and eight.  Thomas’ pass is incomplete.  Maldonado attempts a 35 yard field goal and it is good.  Oregon 34 – 17.
  • Smith returns the kick for 20 yards to the Washington 30.  Polk rushes for one yard.  Price’s pass complete and Oregon’s Mitchel takes the ball out of the receiver’s hands.  Oregon takes over at the 23 yard line.
  • Oregon looks at a third and six after a couple incomplete passes.  False start penalty on Oregon.  Third and eleven.

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