Oregon Ducks vs. Stanford Cardinal | 1st Quarter Recap

  • Stanford receives the ball.  They start their first drive at their own 22 yard line.  Luck’s pass is incomplete to Fleener.  Luck pass complete to Gaffney – no gain.  Stanford goes three and out.
  • Oregon signals fair catch and starts at the 36 yard line.  There’s pressure on Darron Thomas and he rushes for three yards.  Thomas hand the ball off to James and he gets stopped for a four yard loss.  Thomas’ pass incomplete to Tuinei.  Rice will punt.
  • Taylor rushes up the middle for two yards.  2nd and 8 and Stanford gets the first down off a completed pass to Whalen.  Taylor rushes for three yards to the21.  2nd and seven – Taylor rushes for four more.  Luck’s pass incomplete to Whalen on third down.  Stanford punts for 28 yards.  Oregon will start on their 47 yard line.
  • Thomas hands the ball off to James and he is stopped for a five yard loss.  James gets the ball again and gets five yards.  Third and ten – Thomas gets pressured and throws the ball up in the air.  Stanford picks it off, but the refs called him down.  Oregon suffers a 20 yard loss.  Oregon punts for 45 yards.  Stanford will start at their 31 yard line.
  • Taylor rushes for seven yards to the 38.  Gaffney rushes for nine more and a Stanford first down.  Oregon gets pressure on Luck and his pass is incomplete.  Second and 10 Oregon stops Stanford at about the line of scrimmage.  Luck’s pass picked off by Stuckey.
  • Ducks start on the Stanford 20 yard line.  Thomas keeps the ball for about a nine yard gain.  First and goal Stanford stops Oregon at about the line scrimmage.  James rushes to the three yard line and an Oregon first down.  James rushes again for a loss of one.  Thomas’ pass complete to Tuinei for an Oregon TD.  Two point conversion is good.  Oregon 8 – 0.
  • Stanford gets the ball on their 22 yard line.  Taylor rushes for eight to the 30.  Taylor rushes for three more and a Stanford first down.  Luck’s pass complete to Fleener for seven yards.  Taylor rushes for two more yards to the 42.  Third and one Hewitt gets seven yards up the middle for the first down.  First and 10 Gaffney rushes for seven yards to the Oregon 44.  There is a fumble ruling on the field, but after the review Gaffney was down.  Second and three – Luck hands the ball off to Taylor and he gets the first down.  Luck’s pass dropped.  Taylor rushes for 10 yards and a Cardinal first down.  Stanford rushes for about eight more to the Oregon 20.  End of first.