Mark Asper’s Heimlich Maneuver


Mark Asper was an unheralded two star recruit out of Bonneville high school, but the senior has risen to become a fixture at right tackle for the Oregon Ducks. He’s one of the better offensive linemen in the country, but it was his heroics yesterday that really stood out. Forget Kenjon Barner and LaMichael James screaming on Space Mountain; I’ve been known to wet my pants on that ride on more than one occasion. No, the real story was Asper helping out a man by the name of Paul Diamond who was choking during the Beef Bowl eating contest at Lawry’s the Prime Rib in Beverly Hills.

Asper later said, “I was afraid I was going to break his ribs”.

Diamond’s son, Tom, tried to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on him but did so unsuccessfully. Tom Diamond also goes to Oregon. Then, Asper came in and was able to save Diamond, although Diamond did say that he was still able to breathe even while choking. Asper kept the Rose Bowl tradition from turning ugly by rising to the occasion- as he has done the whole season- by saving Diamond.

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