Football Recruiting: Looking at Dajon Curtis, Cornerback


With the high-octane offense Oregon runs, it’s crucial for the Ducks to have depth on defense and keep a roation moving to stay fresh. It’s also important to not give up long plays or missing tackles, and that is something Dajon Curtis doesn’t do.

The 5-foot-11, 172-pound cornerback from Cerritos, California, isn’t rated nationally on the recruiting sites. However, the junior had a solid season at Gahr with 18 total tackles, averaging at three a game. Curtis’ real strengths are knowing where the ball is at all times and his speed.

In a video highlighting some of his spectacular hits, no matter if the play is a run or a pass, he focuses to where it’s going to be and makes sure the player who has it won’t be going far.

Curtis is solid at making initial contact, wrapping the player up, and bringing him down. If the ball comes loose, he has no hesitation to go after it. His speed helps him get involved in disrupting every play, making him valuable on the defense and on special teams

Oregon is one of the schools in the west coast that is heavily recruiting him, along with Pac-12 members Oregon State, UCLA, and Washington. Other schools include Tennessee, Idaho, and Hawaii.

Curtis hasn’t received an offer yet, but he has had an unofficial visit to San Diego State in March according to and plans for more visits this spring.

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