Chip Kelly Talks About Spring Football


After practice today, 247sports’ released a video that had over a nine-minute interview with head coach Chip Kelly that briefly addressed the practice, but more imporantly, gave some information on what to expect in the upcoming spring football game next Saturday.

The number one thing that was clear in the interview was that Kelly wanted this to be a learning experience instead of giving it a game day approach.

“I think spring football is an opportunity to teach fundamentals,” Kelly said, “and you can really get away from what the emphasis is.”

As it’s been the last couple years, the spring game will be done “the same way the NFL does it.”

The staff is split up into two different groups and a draft takes place. Beginning Monday, there will be two days of practice for those players selected and they will be evaluated by the staff on their team. Then, the staff will make the decisions on who will play in the spring game. Kelly puts it as “a great time to get everybody involved.”

Unlike standard teams, there is no appointed head coach on either side. Everything will be decided “by the staff.”

“There is nobody in charge,” Kelly said. “We kind of equally split it down the middle.”

While it’s not the same general kind of game that people are used to seeing, it still gives fans a way to watch a complete game and some players that they have been following.

It’s not a controlled scrimmage like some other schools have,” Kelly said. “We kick off, we punt, we play the full game.”

Overall, it feels like the spring game isn’t like what you would expect. With how serious Kelly takes his practices and preparation, this event is more of giving something to the community while taking advantage of evaluating players.

“I think it’s a great thing for our fans [and] it’s a great thing for our players,” Kelly said. “I don’t think spring football is a money-generated thing. If you have an opporunity as a group to give back, that’s what you should do.”

The spring football game will be held next Saturday, April 28th, at 11:00am PT. It will be available to stream live on ESPN3.

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