Chip Kelly In Favor of Right Playoff System


A topic that continues to have much buzz is the debate of whether or not college football should have a playoff system. It turns out that head coach Chip Kelly could be put on the accepting list, but only specific ones.

In an interview after practice yesterday, a reporter asked if having the spring game in this format is to play the lowest amount of games possible, thus also not be in favor of a playoff format at the end of the year. Kelly responded with that not being the case. However, in a 14-game season, “how do you do that?”

“If you asked us to go out after playing the conference championship game and then go play another playoff game [is a lot to ask],” Kelly said. “The teams that won [while coaching at the (FCS) level] are the ones that stayed the healthiest [and] it becomes a battle of attrition.”

The coach then went on to explain that it could be too physically challenging for his players, especially ones that are freshman, coming right out of high school, and being forced in to play. He reminds us that “these guys aren’t professional football players.”

“If there’s a way to get a playoff system where you can do a plus-one or a final four teams to get a champion I think that’s a possibility,” Kelly said. “But if you start opening up to where you need to play five games to determine who the champion after playing a 12-game regular season, and a conference championship game, then I’m not in favor of that.”

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