Football Recruiting: Looking at Brandon Monroe


A relatively unknown recruit is coming off of visits to both Oregon schools and has received his first offer just on Monday. Brandon Monroe is a dual threat at all-purpose back and plays safety at Del Oro in Loomis, California.

The 6-foot, 190-pound athlete is coming off of his junior season at Del Oro. According to MaxPreps, Monroe rushed for 243 yards (6.84 yards per run) and punched in 22 rushing touchdowns. On the defensive side of the ball, he had 41 tackles (15 assists) and six sacks. If you look at the highlight video from his latest season, there are three things that standout about him.

Monroe has a lot of speed and can kick it up an extra gear when needed. When playing at back, once he finds his route he rockets at full speed and looks a full step faster than anyone else on the field. This is created by how well he dodges tackles. He cuts in, cuts out, and weaves his way through so many players that when you think he’s going to go down in a pack of defenders, he comes out of the mix and runs full speed to the endzone.

On the defensive side, when Monroe can turn the corner, he can use his speed to get to the ball carrier. There are multiple times when the quarterback or running back on the offensive side really doesn’t see him coming until it’s too late.

Monroe doesn’t have much information on the recruiting sites, but it’s known that he has visited both Oregon and Oregon State. According to 247sports, his highest interests are both Oregon and UCLA, and his first offer comes from Fresno State.

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