Miami Dolphins Draft Josh Kaddu


During the fifth round of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins drafted Oregon linebacker Josh Kaddu. Kaddu was a linebacker that had 108 tackles, twenty tackles for loss, and ten sacks in forty games during his four years with the Oregon Ducks. Kaddu is only the second Oregon Ducks player drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft (first player being LaMichael James). I will break down how Josh Kaddu will fit in with the Miami Dolphins and my overall grade on the draft pick made by the Miami Dolphins.

While playing for the Oregon Ducks, Josh Kaddu’s biggest strength was his athletic ability. Kaddu is the definition of the term “sideline-to-sideline” at the linebacker position. He has the most fluid hips on the field and can explode from his stance in order to pursue the football. Kaddu is a player that can compete at the next level physically and can pursue the ball very well. His collegiate stats show that he can pursue the football because he had twenty tackles for loss and ten sacks with the Oregon Ducks. In pass coverage, Kaddu is a very reliable option against tight ends because of his athletic ability on the field.

Despite having the athletic ability to compete in the NFL, Kaddu will be a piece of work for the Miami Dolphins. The reason for this is Josh Kaddu’s instinct as a football player. The one aspect of Kaddu’s game that lacked most at the college-level was his ability to read opposing offenses and he needed to use his athletic ability to bail him out on some plays. Kaddu is going to have to make an asserted effort in order to read offenses better. I say that because this season Kaddu will have to play against one of the NFL’s best play-callers in Tom Brady.

In my mind, this was a draft pick that the Miami Dolphins needed to make in the fifth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. The reason for this is because of the variety of talent at the needs of the Miami Dolphins. The three biggest needs for the Miami Dolphins in the fifth round were wide receiver, cornerback, and linebacker. The depth of talented prospects at the wide receiver and cornerback positions were far deeper than at the linebacker position. Another reason is the Miami Dolphins needed to upgrade on defense with players who can stop an opposing running back and tight end. In the AFC East, the New York Jets want to run the football more and added Tim Tebow, the Buffalo Bills had a powerful rushing game anchored by Fred Jackson, and the New England Patroits have a two-headed monster at tight end with Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. Kaddu will definitely help in these two areas on the defensive side of the ball, but the Miami Dolphins will need to help him with reading offenses.

Overall Pick Grade: B-

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