Tyler Ennis Picks Up Two More Offers


Offers keep on showering down to Tyler Ennis, the five-star recruit and number one prospect in New Jersey. Tonight, he notches two more to his belt, and the third Pac-12 team to make an offer to him.

LSU gave Ennis an offer shortly after UCLA did tonight, according to this tweet from Alex Kline (@TheRecruitScoop). Oregon gave him an offer back on April 25th, and the Ducks signed on just as his name has gotten more and more hot during his play at a Nike spring league.

Reports show that Ennis is an incredible passer and has trememdous court vision. He still is continuing to develop his shot, and he will likely not be ready to lead a him on his back to will them to a victory.

The point guard is mostly highly ranked among all scouting resources. 247sports has him as 14th overall and fifth in the point guard position. Scout has him as the fouth best in the position. ESPN has him as 41st in their ESPNU Super 60. Rivals is the only one that disputes the high praise a bit, not giving him a national ranking, 21st at the position, and only a four-star rank.

Both UCLA and LSU become the 23rd and 24th offer for the point guard. The other school to give him an offer in the Pac-12 is Arizona. There have been four Big 12 schools that has given him an offer (including West Virginia), four ACC schools (including Syracuse), nine Big East teams (including Memphis), Florida, LSU, and Rice.

Ennis scored 20 points in six rebounds with the CIA Bounce against the New Jersey Playaz on Sunday, part of the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League. The Bounce are the lone team undefeated at 9-0.

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