Darron Thomas Didn’t Take Advantage of Opportunity

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We all face decisions in life that can vastly alter our future. Nearly all of these decisions are made based on the immediate impact it brings. Not enough research is made and too much emotion is put into it at the moment. This is why all of us tend to look back at some of these choices and wonder what would have happened if they would have done something different.

We don’t know what the reasons are for Darron Thomas, the former Oregon quarterback, to go pro and try his chances in the 2012 NFL Draft. But he will face one of those moments where he will look back and wonder what could have happened if he stayed.

Now after the draft is over, it’s easy for fans and others to criticize the move since he wasn’t drafted. It’s a long shot for him to get on a roster next season. But think about what has happened with Thomas during his career at Oregon. He played in five games in 2008, redshirted the next year, and became the starter in 2010 once Jeremiah Masoli was suspended and dismissed from the team.

Thomas had half of his 66 total passing touchdowns last season, a record for any quarterback at the university. He was a part of the Holiday Bowl, two Rose Bowls (played in the latest one), and played in the 2011 BCS National Title Game against the Auburn Tigers and nearly led the team to victory.

He’s done so much on the field during his time, there was a question of whether or not he could exceed what he’s done. Most likely, he couldn’t have. There’s a limit to how well you can play, and Thomas probably ended it on one of the highest levels you can.

That being said, barring any family or personal issues that needed him to take a chance in the draft, Thomas should have stayed with the Ducks for the upcoming season.

This isn’t a fan’s biased opinion on the subject. It’s clear that Thomas wanted to play in the NFL, and his best chance was to listen to his old high school coach and college coach. There were a huge list of prospects at quarterback for the draft, and no list had Thomas high on the list.