BCS “Final Four?” Here’s Four Questions to Think About

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Should Conference Champions Receive Automatic Bids into the Final Four?

No. The fact that a team has won their conference championship should not be a factor upon choosing “Final Four” teams. Not all conferences are created equal.

For example, the toughest conference in college football is the SEC. The 2012 BCS National Championship “rematch” would have happened again if there was a four-team playoff. By having conference champions receive automatic bids, teams like Alabama in 2012 would have been robbed of their shot at a national championship.

The only active rule should be one that would limit how many teams a conference could have in the “Final Four.” A two-team limit would be most likely if a rule like this were to exist. The BCS would want as many conferences to be involved in fighting for championship, but would not want one conference to run the others out of the chance.

Are Four Teams Enough?

The biggest of all the questions leading into this week’s meetings in Chicago, Illinois, would be if four teams enough or should the playoff system involve more teams.

When it comes to a system like this, four words come to mind: keep it simple, stupid. By having more than four teams, the playoff system would become too complicated (just like the BCS is now). With four teams, the first three will be no brainers.

The only discussion the “Final Four” will get is about the fourth team. For example, the only discussion last season about the teams to be selected into the playoff would have been the fourth team. Alabama, LSU, and Oklahoma State would have been in with no questions. However, people would forever be talking about if Stanford or Oregon should get the fourth slot.

Also, there will always be arguments no matter what system college football chooses. People will always have a problem with something about how things are being handled. The BCS and college football should just go ahead with the four team system along with the bowl games for the other teams outside the top four.

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