Scouting Oregon Offer Johnny Stanton


Two weeks ago, another quarterback was offered by the Ducks shortly after losing out on Anthony Jennings. The 6-foot-2, 215-pound athlete from California has since been invited to the Elite 11 finals and participated at Wisconsin Badgers camp.

Last Thursday, ESPNU announced the field of 25 athletes for the Elite 11. The event takes place from July 18-22 at Redondo Beach, California. Highlighted by NFL analyst, Trent Dilfer, here were some quotes from the round table analyzing Stanton. Already, Tim Tebow is being thrown out there.

“He can run with the ball. He’s tough, he’s competitive…There’s a reason he’s called Johnny Tebow. He figures a way to get the ball there. He can get you the answer, but he can’t quite show you the equation.”

Just like it shows in the seven-minute highlight video from Reel Playmakers, Stanton is how efficient he is throwing the ball when scrambling. Under an enormous amount of pressure, he has the power in his arm to launch it to his receiver. His awareness of the opposing defense at all times shows in his decision-making, rolling to the right to add some time to pick a receiver to throw to, or just pulling the ball into his arms and taking off with his bursting speed.

In his junior season, Stanton lead Santa Margarita high school to a CIF Pac-5 Championship and CA State Championship. He had 3,867 yards in the air and on the ground for the Eagles, finishing 34 drives with a touchdown. His most complete game came in a 43-42 heartbreaking loss to Servite, where he completed 20 of 30 passes for 276 yards and a touchdown, and ran 24 times to pick up an additional 124 yards and three touchdowns.

An excerpt from the Reel Playmakers highlight video description details his “strong arm that can make all of throws” and how “his pocket awareness is more than exceptional.”

There are marvelous young men playing quarterback,” said the Eagles head coach, Harry Welch, who has won three state titles. “I would be honored to coach many of them. But I wouldn’t trade Johnny Stanton for any quarterback in America.”

There’s a better look at his arm in this video of him going 7-on-7 from 247Sports. Stanton never seems to need to step up and make a throw to get to his receiver. He launches each pass and some even sailed beyond his target. If anything, being a bit more consistent to his targets is one of the main things to work on before he comes into the collegiate scene in 2013.

High school stats from MaxPreps.

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