Football Gameday: Oregon vs Arkansas State


It’s finally here – Chip Kelly returns in his fourth season, trying to get his team back into a fourth consecutive BCS game and a second chance at the national championship.

All this week, Autzen Zoo has been covering the upcoming game for you. Each week, your home for everything on the upcoming game can be found under Football Central > Gameday Saturday.

In this section, you’ll find a full preview, key players to watch on the other team, matchups to watch, and injury reports. You’ll also get briefed with a team capsule, expectations, storylines for the opposing team, and (hopefully) an interview or too.

Obviously, you’ll get all the analysis on the Ducks too. Follow our twitter @Autzen_Zoo during the game for live reactions, stats, and updates to other games around the Pac-12 and national landscape. After the came, come back to Autzen Zoo for instant reaction, a full recap, and multiple angles on every single game.

Whether your at the stadium tailgating with your buddies or at home following the slate of college football, crack open a beer and get informed about Oregon’s upcoming opponent.

Now all that’s left is to decide what nickname we’re giving the new quarterback. The “Hawaiian Hurler?” The “Touchdown Tiki?” Comment with yours as we get ready for kickoff!

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