Oregon Ducks Football: Reviewing the Latest BCS Rankings


The new BCS rankings have Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame all close together in the top three. It looks pretty certain that if the Wildcats and Ducks win out, they would be in the title. Are there any scenarios where you could see the Irish actually get to number two? Do you believe Alabama still has a chance?

Have the Ducks solidified a national championship if they win out? Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

Joe: Of course Alabama has a chance, and they are better than Notre Dame and as good as K-State. I would honestly rather lose to A&M than barely beat Pittsburgh- the same team that has lost to Youngstown State and Connecticut (a week after the ND game). Oregon and Kansas State are clearly the top two teams in college football, but I still view ‘Bama as third.

Mike: Wake Forest and Southern California. Notre Dame might be loved in the computers but they still need a lot of help that only happens should K-State or Oregon slips up. Call me paranoid but until Dracula (SEC) is dead I fear them being a part of this until you see them lying in a pile of dust at the end. Given that ‘Bama didn’t drop like I thought they would given they don’t boost a strong schedule, I feel they can still jump the Irish due to having more in the later schedule to help in the last few games.

Ricky: In the new rankings, my eyes are on fifth-ranked Georgia. Many think that Notre Dame is the team to watch, but they still need to play USC and I don’t think they will beat the Trojans. I say Georgia because they could play ‘Bama for the SEC title if both win out. If they can get a big win over the Crimson Tide in an SEC title game, then I could see them making a jump at the absolute best possible time.

Brian: Notre Dame is at the biggest disadvantage – Oregon, Alabama, and Georgia could play strong opponents in a conference championship game, and Kansas State gets a surging Texas team. They’re all significant because by that Saturday, the Irish will be done with their season. It’s a significant difference in percentages between Notre Dame and the SEC schools right now, but a conference championship game between Georgia and Alabama with those high of rankings could be enough to boost them above the Irish – if Notre Dame continues to not win over the human voters.

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