Oregon Ducks Football: Why Kelly Should be NFL Bound


Last week we presented the reasons why Chip Kelly should stick around with the Oregon Ducks. With unfinished business left with getting a national title and an offense mind that doesn’t carry an NFL tradition, why bother moving to the pro ranks?

Mike Leach would be very happy to see Kelly in the NFL – where he wouldn’t have to see him each season. (James Snook-USA TODAY Sports)

Well, there’s plenty of reasons why Kelly should bite if he’s offered a job like last season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He’s proven in his short four seasons at Oregon that he’s a winner. Kelly is 45-7 overall and even with just a 1-2 mark in bowl games, all three of them were in the BCS – two Rose Bowls and a national championship. It wasn’t just the offensive scheme that makes him this successful.

Kelly only has seven losses on his head coaching record because of the culture he establishes. The media hates how all the practices are closed off but he keeps the distractions to a minimum for his kids. He never tip-toes around questions presented to him. In his general “as quick as his offense” nature he’ll give you his immediate answer without pausing for thought. You push him into a question that you know he won’t answer and he’ll push you right back.

That doesn’t make him cold or heartless. Generally when watching interviews there’s multiple chuckles between himself and reporters. He’s strict but fair, which impresses more NFL GM’s than SportsCenter putting up a clock and showing his offense scoring in under two minutes of real time established.

There’s no doubt that his run-first “blur” offense won’t look the same at the NFL level – there will be no 42-0 starts midway through the second quarter against lesser talent. But Kelly is obviously smart. He’ll implement a version of his offense and what works with his team that he takes over for.

Just imagine this scenario – Norv Turner gets the axe in San Diego at the end of the season, Kelly gets the job to coach the Chargers and brings in Michael Vick after the mass exodus at Philadelphia. Obviously the running backs don’t work well with what Oregon is currently running right now, but Vick could bring a dynamic that Marcus Mariota has if the offensive line holds up and Vick is able to throw.

I’m not guaranteeing a Super Bowl in the first couple years but it would be better than the season that continues to disappoint for Chargers fans.

Even without a national title with the Ducks, that’s nothing to feel bad about heading to the NFL. Only two teams get a chance to play for the title every year. Grabbing four BCS games and a national title appearance in four years and NOT being in the SEC is just tremendous. Oregon’s been in strong contention for the title in the past three years.

Now the question is if he can see that same success early in the NFL. If he wants to attempt it, he’s earned every right to.

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