Autzen Zoo’s Take on the BCS Selections


Now that all the BCS matchups are finalized, here is the staff’s reaction to the selections and thoughts on the overall process – including the much talked about addition of Northern Illinois against Floirda State in the Orange Bowl.

(Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports)

Ricky: Yes, NIU deserves to be in. Their only loss was by one point to Iowa to begin the season. They are one point from being undefeated. My problem is with the BCS as a whole. I believe Georgia got snubbed. I hate that the Big East has a tie-in and that only two teams from a conference can be in the BCS games. I think Florida should play FSU in the Orange Bowl and NIU should play Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

Brian: I sounded off after the BCS results were released, and stand firm in my belief. With this BCS system, it doesn’t make sense for NIU to be in it. But as a whole, the system is garbage and never “gets it right.” College football is the only sport that can make you feel that both teams don’t deserve to be in a national title game, and this year that definitely rings true.

Mike: Yes, I might be alone in our roundtable in saying this but Northern Illinois isn’t the problem here. These are the rules that the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC schools put in place. NIU has a better record than the B1G and Big East champions which shockingly aren’t getting chastised. A one point neutral site loss to Iowa is the only blemish, the MAC has a good collection of wins over BCS foes this season. Personally, I’d like to see other teams get an opportunity over another SEC team in a big-time bowl or Oklahoma lose another BCS game. Jordan Lynch will be a fun watch and I’ll say it now with all the locker room bullet points they’ll give Florida State a game.

Raymond: I’d rather see more MAC teams other the third and fourth best teams in the power conferences. There really isn’t much difference between the MAC and other big time schools anymore. I wouldn’t be shocked to see NIU beat Florida State.

The Autzen Zoo staff includes lead editor Brian Spaen along with staff writers Mike Vamosi, Raymond Mencke, Jr., Ricky Widmer, and contributor Joe Soriano.