Oregon Football: Ducks Wrap Up First Day of Spring Practice(Quotes)


March 14, 2013; Eugene, OR, USA; Oregon Ducks head coach Mark Helfrich talks with reporters during Oregon pro day at Moshofsky Center. Mandatory Credit: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Day one of Spring Practice is in the books for new Head Coach Mark Helfrich who talked to reporters following the morning session at the Moshofsky Center. Overall he was happy with what he saw in terms of effort, but of course there are things to work on:

"We had a little bit of everything, there’s technique in everything we do. Day 1 basic stuff. Had pretty good tempo overall. Effort was really good. It went well, our first periods were at our tempo, then tired a little bit, but a good effort."

As far as there being any ‘key things’ for the team to work on?

"Improvement. Setting daily standard – can’t be in coast, can’t be in decline, can’t be in neutral."

What ‘unit’ has made an impression on him?(keep in mind, it’s Day 1)

"Tight end group has a ton of ablility. Linebackers, just seeing them develop. Buckner and Armstead look better. Just working on developing depth, planning ahead for issues."

Being the Head Coach, How much dialogue does he have with the Defense?

"That kind of stuff is gonna be ‘what if’ this or that happens. What’s our plan to utilize our depth. It’s a constant dialogue."

Finally, a lot has been made that Oregon will likely pass the ball more in 2013 – Helfrich’s thoughts:

"I have no idea."

All in all Helfrich also said that the student’s didn’t really notice that much of a difference from last year, aside from maybe a different route run or something like that. From my perspective it seems pretty ‘business as usual’ with a few tweaks here and there as Oregon begins preparations for the upcoming season.

Oregon Ducks This Week:

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