Autzen Stadium: Makeover for North Side Progressing into a Forest


Last month I wrote about a makeover for Autzen Stadium and Phil Knight donating money for it.

The Register Guard wrote about the progress as a ‘Forest Sprouting at Autzen’: 

A more in depth look at what they are bringing in reveals,  contractors will bring in 39 live, mature Douglas fir, incense cedar, coast redwood, giant sequoia, western red cedar and Canadian hemlock trees, all 35 to 40 feet tall. The trees will come complete with root balls 6 to 8 feet in diameter and 5 or 6 feet tall.

Hundreds of additional 6- to 15-foot-tall saplings are marked out in project plans submitted to the Eugene planning department, including 76 more Douglas fir, 115 vine maple and 12 western red cedar.

The trees will go next to 20-foot concrete pathways that will be built to switchback up the side of the berm. A pair of 150-long artificial streams with moss-covered basalt stones will trickle alongside.

The project has been dubbed “Zen North” by its designers.

According to the article, the cost is expensive,

"Each of the mature trees cost up to $8,000, not counting the price of planting by three experts, including the nursery contractor, the landscape contractor and the general contractor.   Project Director Larry Gilbert"

It seems to be progressing along nicely and should be completed in time for the first football game of the Fall.

To Read the Full Article from the Register Guard, Click Here.

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