Oregon Ducks National Signing Day: A Look Back at the Oregon Duck 2011 Class

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Colt Lyerla: Oregon Ducks National Signing Day Reviewing 2011

If it’s possible for someone so highly ranked to be underrated, Colt could certainly make the case for that. His athleticism was freakish. He lined up all over the place, including the backfield. Calling Colt a beast wouldn’t be a stretch by any stretch of the imagination. But then there’s the off-field version of Colt which includes taking to Twitter to talk about the Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy theories. Then the missed game against Tennessee which had a certain amount of mystery around it, followed by a suspension. And then ultimately Colt quit the team only to eventually be arrested for cocaine possession. Despite all of that he’s landed on the Green Bay practice squad further illustrating his freakish athleticism.

ESPN Grade: 79

Autzen Zoo Final Grade: Incomplete