Takeda Injured In Oregon Loss To Washington, Ducks Run Ruled By Huskies


The game story for the second game of the series with Washington and Oregon would not be the Offensive outburst for the Washington win, but the injury to Oregon Ducks Left Fielder Janie Takeda.

Oregon would score first in the third inning, and try to rally and with one out as Takeda was thrown out at 3rd for second out of inning. The next two batters would pick up hits for the Ducks.  Catcher Janelle Lindvall would enter the batters box and stretch the count to 3 and 1. On a full count she would walk, loading the bases with two out for Koral Costa who hit a home run on Friday.  She would ground out to end the inning.

Oregon Ducks Starter Geri Ann Glasco would give up a big hit allowing two Washington runs to score giving the Huskies a 3-1 lead. Two more runs would score, one on an Oregon error and Duck pitchers still had no outs recorded on the board for the inning.

Washington would continue to hit the ball and take an 8-0 lead with two outs, the Oregon outfielders would go for a fly ball, collide and Left Fielder Janie Takeda would leave the game with an injury.

Washington would tack on one more run to make it 9-0 Huskies. The Ducks would rally for two runs in the bottom of the fourth, but Washington would add a run in the top of the fifth.

Oregon would be run ruled 10-2 and lose their fourth game of the year, but the bigger concern was Takeda, who hurt her shoulder earlier this year and missed a minimal amount of time. One can hope for a similar outcome this time, but when it happened it did not look good. Takeda had her upper body wrapped in an ace bandage leaving the field. Her arm tucked in across her chest.

Washington run ruled Oregon at Howe Field for the first time since 2013 and the loss for the Oregon Ducks snapped their thirteen game losing streak. Oregon wraps the three game series with Washington on Sunday at 2pm.