Oregon Vs. Washington 2015: That’s 12-Straight, Folks


Oct 17, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Browning (3) fumbles after being tackled by Oregon Ducks linebacker Tyson Coleman (33) during the fourth quarter at Husky Stadium. Oregon defeated Washington, 26-20. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

In a city so enamored with the number twelve, it was twelve that was the magic number following the Washington Huskies loss to the Oregon Ducks on Saturday night at Husky Stadium. Twelve consecutive times now, the Huskies have lost to the Ducks.

2015 was supposed to be the year Washington ended the long-standing streak. With already three losses and a question mark at quarterback, the Ducks came in more vulnerable than ever. As for the Huskies, well they were fresh off an upset win at USC, with enough confidence to topple any opponent.

Prior to this year’s bout, the previous three years Ducks-Huskies matchups provided a toned-down atmosphere for fans. Oregon was always vying for a National Championship, whereas Washington was just striving for bowl eligibility. However, the vile hostility was recaptured this year. While both teams currently sit in mediocrity, upon entering Husky Stadium on Saturday night, you would have guessed the game had playoff implications.

This year, Husky fans added new material to their trash talk repertoire. It wasn’t just National Championship boasts, which include a 1960 Helm’s Poll National Championship (look that up if you want to laugh), and a 1991 split National Championship with the Miami Hurricanes, brought to you by a voting system. Washington fans revelled in the Duck’s abysmal 2015 season. ‘Holiday Bowl’ and ‘Wazzu’ jokes were bountiful.

Husky fans’ confidence shined through their purple attire. Their decade-long tormentor was going to be defeated. The pain endured throughout the twelve-year streak was finally going to be over.

Then the game started. After Vernon Adams’ first touchdown pass to put the Ducks on top 6-0 early, the air was let out of the building. At that point in time, Washington fans knew: beating the Ducks that night was going to be the same uphill battle they’ve grown so accustomed to. Oregon never trailed, and despite the game coming down to a final drive for the Huskies to win with a TD, that hope ended quickly with an interception from something Carta-Samuels, which iced the game for the Ducks. Up close and personal, the distinction between both teams was clear. Oregon may be in the midst of a down year, but they still outdo their arch rival in anything football related.

Still, the banter shared by both fan bases littered Husky Stadium all night. There wasn’t a section void of it; and after the game, it continued. If you have kids, don’t take them to a Ducks-Huskies game, unless you want them learning new profanity. Ducks-Huskies games manufacture hatred. If you consider yourself to be a mild fan of either side, attending a game in person will make you go from rational fan to complete psychopath in less than twenty-four hours. Oregon vs. Washington is the most heated collegiate rivalry on the West Coast (don’t let any UCLA-USC fans tell you otherwise).

But through the childish trash talk and treacherous environment that surrounds it all, there is a beauty to the rivalry. Once a year, fans of both Oregon and Washington morph into despicable human beings for the sake of a football game.

Hey Husky fans, that’s twelve-straight.