Pac-12 Football Power Rankings: 10/3

Who are the best Pac-12 Football Teams? Let’s find out!


Washington Huskies Won 35-7 vs. BYU

Last rank: 2nd

Since their opening week loss to the Auburn Tigers, U-Dub has been the class of the west coast. Saturday served as a reminder, with the Huskies dismantling an overwhelmed and likely overrated (20th in the nation) BYU squad, 35-7. Senior quarterback Jake Browning finally delivered after a season so far filled with mediocrity as he completed 23/25 passes for 277 yards and a touchdown. 92% completion? Yeah, that’ll win you some games in this league. The defense was impressive as well, holding the Cougar offense to just one score. Washington is the top dog in the Pac-12; for now.


Stanford Cardinal LOST 38-17 @ Notre Dame

Last rank: 1st

Look, I know Stanford just got their teeth kicked in by a team that struggled to beat SEC bottom feeder Vanderbilt. But still, Stanford has just one loss and it’s to a very quality opponent on the road. Sure, they got blown out, but it’s understandable. The reason they’re staying here is because I’m just not ready to move Oregon ahead of them. David Shaw’s boys beat ours at home. That still counts for something. Stanford will need to pick itself up after Saturday’s crushing defeat though; and not let it derail their season. And Bryce Love needs to snap out of his funk quick. KJ Costello can only do so much without his backfield superstar.

Oregon Ducks WON 42-24 @ California

Last rank: 3rd

Oregon messed around and slapped California in the face with a controlling 18 victory in Berkeley. The Duck’s defense scored two touchdowns on its own by virtue of a La’Mar Watson scoop ‘n score, and an Ugo Amadi pick-6. The offense looked the best it has all season against a real opponent. The running game really showed up Saturday evening CJ Verdell and Travis Dye both surpassed the century mark in rushing yards. Herbert, of course, was incredible, further proving why he’s considered the best pure passer in the college game. Overall, the effort was brilliant, and aside from some porous rush defense (allowed 241 yards), Oregon performed exactly as we’d hoped.

Colorado Buffaloes WON 38-16 vs. UCLA

Last rank: 5th

After abusing UCLA (as everyone does), the Buffs found themselves ranked for the first time in a while, coming in at 23rd in the AP Poll. The game itself was, I mean…look at this score. It wasn’t all that exciting. However, wide receiver Lviska Shenault Jr. is lightning in a bottle. That guy just flat out makes plays. He’s actually put himself in primitive Heisman consideration. This week he had another 12 receptions for 126 yards and a touchdown. He’s Steven Montez’s (QB) safety valve; and he’s a damn good one. The best part? He’s a name HOF’er, perhaps this year’s winner. I’m infatuated with this Colorado team. They might be my second favorite in the conference. But they’re 4th in the rankings.

Washington State Cougars WON 28-24 vs. Utah

Last rank: 9th

DON’T EVER DISRESPECT A MIKE LEACH-COACHED TEAM AGAIN! That’s what I was yelling at myself in the mirror before writing this. This was suuuuuuch a wacky game. The victorious and glorious Cougars offense rushed for…wait for it…0 yards! 13 rushes for no gain, no loss. How did they possibly move the ball? Well, as Mike Leach teams go, they passed the ball, A LOT. Quarterback Gardner Minshew threw 56 passes, oh my! And he threw for 445 yards, literally all of the Wazzu offensive yards. This guy Gardner maybe should’ve been starting all along. Shame we only get to see him for a year. Oh well, he and Mikey have Wazzu coming into their own.

Arizona State Sun Devils WON 52-24 vs. Oregon State

Last rank: 7th

Sparky ended their two game slide against top last place competitor Oregon State. And they bum-rushed them. Especially sophomore running back Eno Benjamin. Listen to this absurdity: 30 carries for…312 yards! And 3 touchdowns! Good lord. Calm down! Eno utterly and single-handedly obliterated the OSU Beavers’ dam. Man, they suck. We’ll get to them in a few spots. But Sparky is still a frisky Pac-12 wrench that can be thrown into any one of the contenders season. They have a fantastic home crowd and plenty of offensive playmakers. They’ve lost twice already but I’m still high on Herm Edwards and his group.

USC Trojans Won 24-20 @ Arizona

Last week: 8th

USC followed up a small win against Washington State with another small win at Arizona. Guess what? USC is alright. Nobody that should sniff the Top 25; but also a team that doesn’t belong in the basement of the Pac-12 Power Rankings. Oh, and Name HOF alert! USC’s senior backfield toy Aca’Cedric Ware popped off for 173 yards on 21 carries. Finally, some consistency for this offense.



California Golden Bears Lost 42-24 vs. Oregon

Last rank: 4th

In theory, the Golden Bears had plenty of reason to believe they could hang with and perhaps even beat the Ducks this past weekend. Buuuuuut, that’s not gonna happen when your defense forgets how tackle and your offense is gifting away touchdowns like they’re Santa Claus on December 24th. California’s rushing attack was good. Quarterback Brandon McIlwain scampered for 123 yards. Actual running back Patrick Laird contributed an additional 92 yards on the ground. The defense? Uhh…you don’t really wanna talk about that do you California fans? No. Herbert cut you up. Dye and Verdell as well. Get your medicine and rest up.

Utah Utes Lost 28-24 @ Washington State

Last rank: 6th

Did I probably drop the Utes too low for their close road loss to Washington State? Probably. But you know what, I’m the Pac-12 Czar and when you don’t win games you don’t move up in the rankings. Is that sound math? Yes. Win some games Utah.

Arizona Wildcats Lost 24-20 vs. USC

Last rank: 10th

Kevin Sumlin and Kahlil Tate kept the game within 4…at home. That’s impressive compared to the rest of the season. Wow. There’s a depressing statement, especially when the Tate-Sumlin combo looked so promising heading into the 2018 season.

UCLA Bruins Lost 38-16 @ Colorado

Last rank: 12th

Congrats. Congrats Chip Kelly. You made it out of the basement, unlike Pennywise the clown from It. But don’t go patting yourselves on the back. You still lost by 22 to Colorado. Ugh, there is so much suck at the end of these rankings.

Oregon State Beavers Lost 52-24 @ Arizona State

Last rank: 11th

I just couldn’t go another week with the Beavers in anything but last in the conference. They’re just so pathetic it hurts. Their defense is historically terrible. Oh well, at least they have basketball to look forward to.


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