Report: Bol Bol Likely Done for Season

Bol Bol defends vs Green Bay at Matthew Knight Arena.Justin Phillips / KPNW Sports
Bol Bol defends vs Green Bay at Matthew Knight Arena.Justin Phillips / KPNW Sports /

The year from hell for Oregon Basketball delivers yet another blow as superstar freshman center Bol Bol is presumably done for the season with a foot injury

Per several “sources” (none have actually been personally identified) close to the Oregon Basketball program, super-duper-star 7’3 freshman Bol Bol has played his final game as an Oregon Duck. The news is somewhat shcoking, but not terribly surprising given his injury struggles thus far this season.

As an obsessor over Bol Bol and a believer in him as the Jesus of basketball in Eugene, the report is heartbreaking on a number of levels. He was such a fun watch: 7’3, skinnier than a skeleton, but yet a bouncy dynamtie scorer with an impressive 3-point stroke. His defense, while lacking in intensity at times, always threatened the possibility of a momentum-flipping block. Unquestionably, he was Dana Altman’s best player and the guy who the team was built around. His loss hurts, and hurts badly.

Obviously with Bol’s ailmen, Wooten’s jaw and Kigab’s recent departure, the Duck’s frontline has been significantly depleted, as Paul White, Francis Okoro, Miles Norris and Louis King are the only available big men. Not ideal, especially considering White is the only dude I actually trust.

What bothers me the most about Bol’s situation is that he clearly has no interest in playing another second of college basketball. Hell, Bol’s been in Kansas with his family for the past couple weeks debating the decision. Not even with the team. He’s hedging his bets, deciding that playing for the school paying for his education is not worth the risk of his NBA draft stock, which, not going to lie, kind of irks me.

We saw a scenario very similar to this unfold last year with Michael Porter Jr. After a couple minute stint in the Tigers’ opener against Iowa State last season, the 5-star forward sat out most of the season and was perceived to be holding himself out to protect his draft stock. But, MPJ actually suited up in played when Missouri reached the end of the season, even though his doing so likely ruined any chance at being a top 5 pick (which was practically a guaruntee this time last year.)

Bol isn’t going to play for Oregon again. Heck, he may clear out his locker and leave the program completely for all we know, which would be a hit against our APR rating. Even if he sticks around in school (doubtful), he’ll simply reap the benefits of a free education and a free top-tier training facility without giving back any play, which he could possibly do.

Look, all power to the kids and they shouldn’t play if they don’t feel comfortable doing so, but shutting down your season to focus on the next level leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Just another roadblock on the winding, boulevard of misery this season has been so far.