Oregon women’s basketball: Taylor Chavez transfers home to Arizona

Late last week both Taylor Chavez and Jaz Shelley announced they were leaving the Oregon Women’s basketball team to seek other opportunities, and likely more playing time. Chavez has agreed to sign with the Arizona Wildcats and head coach Adia Barnes.

Both have a relationship from when Barnes recruited Chavez out of high school so it did not take long for the conversation to develop.

Chavez also wants to be closer to family and her grandmother, who is reportedly in ill health. Chavez said that her grandmother is her biggest fan and used to go to her high school games and be the biggest cheerleader. The move for Chavez is perfect. She will likely find a starting role for the upcoming season for the Wildcats.

With point guard Aari McDonald graduating, and likely not returning, it could open a spot on the floor for Chavez to step into for next season. In her time with Oregon, Chavez showed her versatility. She can shoot from distance, as well as play inside, which is one of the key pieces that Barnes is looking for. There will be more opportunities for Chavez to make things happen with the ball in her hand.

In her time with Oregon, Chavez found success last season shooting better than 45 percent from three-point range, but managed under seven points per game. Her numbers this past season were worse, in part due to the pandemic and due to how the Ducks played.

Chavez will have two seasons in a big comfort zone in front of friends and family when they can return to watch. Her experience playing with Oregon should allow her to easily fit into the Arizona Wildcats scheme. Chavez has two seasons of college eligibility remaining.