Oregon Football: Rece Davis says Ducks will beat Ohio State in 2021

Rece Davis of ESPN’s College GameDay on set in Tuscaloosa ahead of the Alabama, LSU game.College Gameday
Rece Davis of ESPN’s College GameDay on set in Tuscaloosa ahead of the Alabama, LSU game.College Gameday /

If you’re like me, you got up to watch College GameDay on Saturday morning for the first time this season. Although it was just a Week 0 College GameDay with no huge games on the radar, it was still an exciting moment, especially since it meant Oregon football is just a week away.

The Ducks are gearing up for a potentially special season in 2021 and there’s one huge game early in the year for Oregon that is on every college football fan’s radar.

College GameDay spoke on that game this week as the crew discussed whether or not the Ducks would go over or under nine wins in 2021.

While talking about this, and with Ohio State alum Kirk Herbstreit sitting right across from him, host Rece Davis said, “I’m not assuming Oregon’s going to lose in Columbus. Oregon’s going to win in Columbus.”

Yeah, that statement received some gasps and probably riled up some Ohio State fans.

It’s clear Desmond Howard agreed with him as they shared a fist bump after he made the prediction and while it seemed like an outlandish statement, it’s really not that crazy.

If anyone said that they believed Oregon will beat Ohio State, it wouldn’t be that wild, but it’s the confidence in which Davis said it: “Oregon’s going to win in Columbus.”

Now that’s a heck of a statement.

Can Oregon football really steal one from the Buckeyes?

Going into Columbus and beating one of the best teams in the country isn’t going to be easy, but this seems like a game that Ohio State might be overlooking. They’re expecting to pick up a ranked win here and boost their resume, but the Buckeyes have an elite team to worry about.

I think Oregon has the talent to win in Columbus this season. Do I think it’s going to happen? I predicted an Ohio State win by one score, but I’m still going back and forth with it.

The Ducks are going to make things interesting in Week 2.

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