Dana Altman Breaks Down 2022-23 Oregon basketball squad

Head coach Dana Altman of the Oregon Ducks - (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Head coach Dana Altman of the Oregon Ducks - (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

In one of his first preseason meetings with the media, Oregon Basketball Head Coach Dana Altman discussed his team and shared his thoughts on Oregon Football as well as a questionable home-and-home scheduling visit owed to the Ducks from Michigan.

If you know anything about Oregon Head Coach Dana Altman it is how he wants to play the game. Two of his keys on the floor include playing defense as well as being able to rebound. Entering the 2022 season he has several key players that can help, “Rebound and defense (are things we needed to work on from last year.) One of the consistencies we have had are those areas. Just trying to get what our expectations are and what we believe is important. ”

N’Faly Dante has had some opportunities with the Ducks but enters this upcoming season healthy. Health was a word that Altman used quite a bit when talking about his team. Over two of the last three seasons, Dante has been hampered by injuries. Last year he played in 32 games after seeing the floor in just 18 games combined in his first two years with Oregon.

Altman said his center is looking primed for a solid junior year, “Dante since he’s been here hasn’t been able to show what he’s capable of. He hasn’t been healthy. He’s healthy now, he’s bouncing around. He’s been our most productive player in practice. Really hasn’t been close. Keeping everyone healthy is always a big factor.”

Every once in a while, you get a diamond in the rough. Will Richardson has a chance to show that this season. The sixth-year player returns for the 2022 season thanks in part to an injury waiver as well as the COVID-19 year that was granted. Richardson brings a lot of experience into the season, “His leadership. He knows what we’re trying to do. He’s seen both sides of it. I’m depending on that leadership. He’s been great to work with and I’m glad he’s back. It’s a team game. He has to bring his teammates along with him. I’d like to see him get better and keep playing.”

One thing that the Oregon basketball Head Coach loves to do is observe. He prides himself on his work ethic and has been a frequent guest at Oregon Football practice over the years, “I’ve always enjoyed watching football practice. I’ve watched all the coaches since I’ve been here. I’m on my fifth one now. I’ve had some observations on football coaches. Chip was very innovative at the time. The belief was there. As a coach, you have to be comfortable with what you’re doing. He had a great comfort level. I’ve been impressed with Dan (so far).”

Several years ago, the Ducks and Michigan Wolverines set a home-and-home series meaning both teams will play in their respective home arenas. The Ducks visited Michigan in 2019 and beat the Wolverines then under Head Coach Jim Beilein. Current Head Coach Juwan Howard appears to be giving the Ducks the cold shoulder. Altman joked that they apparently can’t answer the phone in Michigan when asked about the rematch. He added that it sometimes is not so easy, “They owe us a game and we fully expect them to play the game. Scheduling isn’t an exact science. Being out here on the west coast does create a problem with some not wanting to travel.”

Juwan Howard met with the media following Altman’s comments saying his team does not ‘owe’ the Ducks anything. Howard added, “That word ‘owe,’ that’s very tricky. Owe? I owe my wife a kiss tonight.”

Stay tuned on this one.

The 2022-23 Oregon Basketball team opens the season hosting Florida A&M on Monday, November 7th at 7 pm at Matthew Knight Arena.

Quotes were obtained during media availability with Head Coach Dana Altman.