2024 College Station Super Regional: How do Oregon Ducks stack up against Texas A&M Aggies?

The Texas A&M Aggies and the Oregon Baseball team are set to meet up in a Super Regional. How do these teams stack up against one another?
Oregon v Oregon State
Oregon v Oregon State / Amanda Loman/GettyImages

As the Oregon Ducks and Texas A&M Aggies prepare to face off in the 2024 Bryan-College Station Super Regional this weekend, it's more than clear that both of these teams have had remarkable seasons. Texas A&M has looked like a national title contender all season long while the Ducks have shown plenty of potential on more than one occasion.

The Oregon Ducks have put together an impressive 2024 campaign, posting a 40-18 overall record and going 19-11 in the final season of Pac-12 baseball. This is a well-rounded team that just finds success.

Down in College Station, the Texas A&M Aggies have been a dominant force for much of the year. They’ve occasionally slipped up here and there, but they’ve done well and have amassed an impressive 47-13 overall record and going 19-11 in conference play. 

Let’s get to know the Aggies and the Ducks and see how they stack up ahead of the 2024 College Station Super Regional.

2024 Texas A&M Aggies baseball stats:

  • Record: 47-13 overall, 19-11 conference
  • Batting average: .299
  • ERA: 3.85
  • Home runs: 130
  • Opponents' strikeouts: 549
  • Runs scored per game: 8.68 (521 runs in 60 games)
  • Opponents' batting average: .233
  • Opponents' ERA: 8.57

The Texas A&M Aggies baseball team has been remarkable all throughout the season. The SEC is full of solid competition and yet the Aggies thrived this year. Their .299 batting average is worth keeping an eye on, but it’s also not the most fear-inducing stat that A&M has put up this year. 

The Aggies have hit 130 home runs this season. That’s just bizarre and Oregon hasn’t come close to that. The Ducks are good at the plate, but they’re not hitting home runs anywhere near that rate. Oregon’s pitchers better be prepared for that.

2024 Oregon Ducks baseball stats:

  • Record: 40-18 overall, 19-11 conference
  • Batting average: .280
  • ERA: 4.62
  • Home runs: 93
  • Opponents' strikeouts: 510
  • Runs scored per game: 6.98 (405 runs in 58 games)
  • Opponents' batting average: .240
  • Opponents' ERA: 6.54

Throughout the 2024 Oregon baseball season, the Ducks have done well. They’re on a solid streak right now and just find ways to win. Sweeping through the Santa Barbara Regional wasn’t some easy feat and although there were some close contests, the Ducks looked good (especially on the mound).

Texas A&M scores a ton more runs than the Ducks do, but if Oregon’s pitchers can perform the way that they did in Santa Barbara, then things might get interesting for the College Station Super Regional. Oregon has earned its spot here. Let’s see if the Ducks can snag a spot to Omaha for the Men’s College World Series.