3 home games that are must-win matchups for Oregon football in 2024

Oregon is transforming into a national powerhouse just in time to enter the Big Ten. As the Ducks prepare for their new conference, which home games are must-wins?
Colorado v Oregon
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The indominable Washington Huskies are coming back to Eugene after defeating the Ducks three times in a row over the past two years.

Lanning has failed again and again and again to take down the Huskies while they were under Kalen Deboer's reign.

Now that Deboer is off to Alabama and Washington is under Jedd Fisch's tenure, Lanning and the Ducks have zero excuses remaining to not take down the Huskies.

If Lanning can't topple UW in 2024, people will start to question if his recruiting skills and larger-than-life personality can translate to a top-tier team.

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