Analyzing Oregon softball’s opening weekend

Oregon head coach Melyssa Lombardi during a game.
Oregon head coach Melyssa Lombardi during a game. / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY
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Head coach Melyssa Lombardi coached her team well as the Ducks bounced back after their loss to the Hoosiers. While facing the Jayhawks, Oregon allowed 3 runs but scored 5 runs of its own for the team’s first win of the season.

This is Lombardi’s sixth season with the Ducks and she watched on as her team built up a 5-0 lead through the first 6 innings.

Breedlove started on the mound but faced just seven batters and allowed 2 hits before she was replaced by Spencer who pitched for 4.1 innings and gave up 1 run off of 5 hits.

Scott finished business in the final inning. She allowed 2 hits including a home run which brought the Jayhawks within one but got her teammates out of the jam to help them earn the victory.