Dan Lanning on the short list of outrageous accusations

Just because Dan Lanning can recruit, doesn't mean he tampered with anything.
Colorado coach Deion Sanders, left, and Oregon's Dan Lanning meet at midfield after the game in Boulder.
Colorado coach Deion Sanders, left, and Oregon's Dan Lanning meet at midfield after the game in Boulder. / Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard / USA

While the whirlwind of the transfer portal is still in full swing, a few Power-4 programs have been accused of tampering, one even self-reported its violations. 

The University of Colorado shared evidence of 11 different cases in which head coach Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime, and his staff partook in tampering with the transfer portal and Sanders’ misuse of social media for recruiting.

"The University of Colorado Boulder athletic department is committed to complying with NCAA regulations and will continue to educate our coaches, student-athletes, and staff to ensure that we remain in compliance," a Colorado spokesperson told USA Today.

Sanders, known for his (in)famous personality and being wildly outspoken regarding his own and his team’s success, was given a two-recruiting ban by the NCAA for June 15-28.

The Buffaloes aren’t alone in these accusations. Florida State spoke up and accused Dan Lanning and Oregon of being in contact with running back Rodney Hill during the bowl season before Hill had officially entered the portal.

The Iowa Hawkeyes and head coach Kirk Ferentz are also accused of reaching out to players before they were in the portal. They were accused of being in contact with former Alabama OT Kadyn Proctor.

This wave of accusations has heralded the nickname “Tamperpalooza” but I believe that until a coach or a program is given severe enough sanctions, they will keep on doing what they want to.

Secondly, there is no current evidence that Lanning or anyone on his staff violated the NCAA rules regarding communications with players or regarding the transfer portal.

Not to mention, Hill isn't even transferring to Oregon at the end of the day, he's going to Miami.

Simply because Lanning can recruit one hell of a class, doesn’t mean he broke any rules to do so.

The Ducks’ head coach Dan Lanning is just that guy.

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