Dan Lanning sees the future in the Big Ten, not the SEC

2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington
2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington / Ian Maule/GettyImages

After turning down the head coaching jobs at Alabama and Texas A&M, and promptly shutting down rumors he was going anywhere, Duck fans can rest assured that Dan Lanning is here to stay.

Lanning most recently dismissed rumors that he was heading to Tuscaloosa following Nick Saban’s retirement announcement. 

The Oregon video creative team and Lanning released a hype video and recruiting pitch all-in-one that created quite a buzz around the Ducks.

This video had a point to it, a clear point. Dan Lanning sees his future, and football’s future, at Oregon and in the Big Ten… not in the SEC.

Despite coming to Eugene from his position as the Georgia Bulldog’s defensive coordinator, Lanning has turned his back on any offers from SEC schools. His full focus is on the Ducks entering and dominating the Big Ten.

Often touting how equipped Oregon is to be successful in the future, Lanning has his sights set on a national title for his team. 

This won’t come easily though.

Facing the likes of defending National Champion Michigan and the always powerful Ohio State as well as continued Pac-12 foes Washington and USC, Oregon won’t have an easy road to the playoffs anytime soon.

Washington has defeated the Ducks three times in a row. Meanwhile, the last time Oregon played against Ohio State (2021) and Michigan (2007), the Ducks walked away with wins.

So what is the SEC lacking? Consistency? Strong foundations? Hindsight? 

Lanning has shown us that he knows how to build up players and continue Oregon’s success. He has led the team to a 22-2 record since he took over at the wheel. 

His commitment to the program, after Oregon’s continued abandonment by past head coaches, shows he cares, he wants to be there, and he believes in the program.

It also goes to show that he believes in the future of the program in the Big Ten and that the Big Ten will continue its successful run – even compared to the SEC.

Since the turn of the century, the SEC has 14 national titles to the Big Ten’s three. Two of the Big Ten’s titles are since the start of the CFP era while the SEC accounts for six.

Maybe it’s time for Oregon’s first national title. Maybe Lanning will lead the way there.

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