Game-by-game predictions for Oregon football's 2024 schedule

Dan Lanning at the Civil War game.
Dan Lanning at the Civil War game. / Tom Hauck/GettyImages
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Week 8: at Purdue – Oct. 19

Purdue will be a much easier opponent for the Ducks, especially just one week after the Ohio State game.

The Boilermakers have had a tough time in the Big Ten for the majority of two decades and I don’t think the tide will turn in 2024. With Notre Dame and Oregon State as well as the Ducks, the Buckeyes, and the Nittany Lions on their schedule, Purdue will struggle throughout the season.

Head Coach Ryan Walters will be in his second season with the team and looking to improve from last year’s 4-8 record.

Despite the abysmal final record, Purdue did have some big wins last season. Defeating Virginia Tech on the road and Minnesota at home, the Boilermakers had their shining moments where fans could glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lanning and the Ducks will show no mercy while visiting West Lafayette. Oregon will take down the Boilermakers.

Week 9: vs. Illinois – Oct. 26

Back at home, Oregon will play the Fighting Illini in the team’s ninth game of the year. Now more than halfway through their year, the Ducks will most likely be in a top-four spot on the AP Poll and hoping to appear in the first CFP Poll of the year.

With that as a motivating factor, the Ducks will go into this game with all guns blazing.

Taking full advantage of playing in Autzen Stadium, Oregon will not take their foot off the pedal offensively. Illinois struggled to produce points last year and I suspect the same will be true for the coming season.

Without being able to score and being slow to the punch of defense, Illinois will not be able to hold out hope. 

However, with a trip to Ann Arbor in the near future, Oregon may begin to sub out starters to ensure their health for the next week. As backups continue to rotate into the lineup, the Fighting Illinis will eke out a touchdown toward the end of the fourth quarter.

Oregon will win in a dominant fashion. I expect a final score of 52-10.