Oregon basketball displays new court design for Kilkenny Court at Matthew Knight Arena

The Oregon basketball court at Matthew Knight Arena has a new look! Check out the brand new Oregon Ducks basketball court design here.
Matthew Knight Arena
Matthew Knight Arena / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

A brand new basketball court exists in Eugene, Oregon. Or, well, to be more precise there's actually a brand new Oregon basketball court design set in place now in Matthew Knight Arena. The Oregon Ducks have rolled out the red carpet to showcase what is new about the brand new look on Kilkenny Court at Matthew Knight Arena.

It isn't as over-the-top boldly unique as the previous design for the Oregon basketball court, but there are some brilliant subtleties as well as enough elements that are carried over from the last Oregon basketball court design that make this look great.

While there's no way that every Oregon basketball fan will be 100 percent on board with the new design in Matthew Knight Arena (and there's certainly no way that college basketball fans in generall are 100 percent going to love this), I think it's great and still stands out amongst bland basketball court designs.

It's fun to see something unique from time to time, you know?

Oregon basketball court design: Matthew Knight Arena playing surface gets brand new design

Go ahead and check out the new design (thanks to the video produced by the Oregon Ducks athletics department):

There are going to be big opinions about this look (especially from some fans of Big Ten basketball teams, where tradition is embraced simply for the sake of tradition and modernity, innovation, and fun aren't always embraced).

But the continued inclusion of the evergreen trees circling around the court, framing it, is still there (even if it is a bit more subdued in a way that likely attracts more folks to love it).

According to the official Oregon basketball press release on the matter, the good folks over at Van Horne Brands were involved in making this new design possible for the Oregon Ducks.