Oregon football has never beaten these FBS teams

Georgia running back Daijun Edwards (30) drives the ball down the field to avoid a flock of Ducks.
Georgia running back Daijun Edwards (30) drives the ball down the field to avoid a flock of Ducks. / Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Out of the 72 FBS programs that the Ducks have faced, they have only been unable to beat 11 of them. That means they have at least one win over 61 different opponents… pretty remarkable if you ask me. 

Not to mention, only one of the teams in Oregon’s new conference, the Big Ten, has an undefeated record against the Ducks. That would be Northwestern who beat Oregon in 1974, the only time the two teams have played.

Who else have the Ducks been able to defeat in FBS matchups?

Here’s a conference-by-conference breakdown of the teams that can hold an undefeated streak over Oregon’s head:


  • Miami (0-1)
  • Wake Forest (0-2)

For those who were around for the Mario Cristobal departure, this 0-1 record against the Miami Hurricanes hurts… a lot. Being able to defeat Cristobal’s new team would be sweet redemption for the Ducks but with no scheduled matchups in the future, Oregon will have to wait to exact their revenge.

Wake Forest and Oregon faced off when the Pac-12 was still the Pac-12 and the Ducks’ football program was nowhere near its current status of a powerhouse. The Deacons defeated the Ducks in 1992 and again in 2002.

Big 12

  • Iowa State (0-1)
  • Kansas (0-1-1)

In 2021, Oregon faced its only loss to the Iowa State Cyclones in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. The unusual 2020-21 schedule led to the Ducks being just 4-2 when they entered the game, having had three games canceled due to COVID-19.

Kansas beat the Ducks in 1981. The bird brawl led to a 19-10 victory for the Jayhawks on their home turf. The teams had played the previous year in Eugene and tied 7-7 after four quarters.